K5 ELA   5K Math     5K Science  5K Social Studies  5K Art  

1st Grade Pacing Guide on a Page   1st Grade ELA  1st Grade Math      1st Grade Science  1st Grade Social Studies  1st Grade Art

2nd Grade-ELA  2nd Grade-Math       2nd Grade-Science    2nd Grade-Art      2nd Grade Social Studies 

2nd Grade Art   2nd Grade Fine Arts-Music    

3rd-ELA   3rd Grade Math      3rd Grade-Science   3rd Grade-Social Studies     3rd Grade-Art      3rd Grade Fine Arts-Music          

 4th Grade ELA    4th Grade-Math     4th Grade-Science      4th Grade Social Studies                  

4th Grade-Expression in Art   4th Grade Fine Arts-Music

5th Grade-English   5th Grade-Math   5th Grade Science      5th Grade Social Studies                 

5th Grade-Art in Your World       5th Grade Fine Arts-Music      5th Grade Orchestra-Beginning

6th Grade ELA    6th Grade Math     6th grade Advanced Math        6th Grade-Science   6th Grade Social Studies   6th - 8th Grade Art         

6th Grade Band 

7th Grade Math Honors   7th Grade Math   7th Grade ELA    7th Grade Social Studies  7th Grade Science   7th Grade Science Honors  7th Grade Band

8th Grade Math  8th Grade Science  8th Grade Physical Science Honors  8th Grade Social Studies  8th Grade Band  8th Grade ELA

9-12 Grade Band Percussion

English I    English II     English III    English IV

Pre Algebra   Algebra I Honors 1st Semester     Algebra II    


Drama II     GT Drama    GT Drama Page 2  


French 5K-5

French I      French II  Spanish  Spanish I   Spanish II

Two Year Pacing Guide - Elementary-Foreign Language

Two Year Pacing Guide-Middle Level- Foreign Language



9-12 Art 2 2D Careers in Art   9-12 Art 2 2D Design Collage   9-12 Art 2 2D Design Drawing   9-12 Art 2 2D Design Painting  

9-12 Art 2 2D Illustration    9-12 Art 2 2D Paper Making   9-12 Art 2 2D Print Making   9-12 Art 2 3D Design  Ceramics  

9-12 Art 2 3D Design  Self Expression     9-12 Art 2 3D Design 3D Paper      9-12 Art 2 3D Design Abstract Sculpture  

9-12 Art 2 3D Design Careers in Art   9-12 Art 2 3D Design Figures in Sculpture   9-12 Art 2 3D Design Jewelry   

9-12 Art 2 3D Design Paper Mache    9-12 Art 2 3D Design Textiles   9-12 Art 2 D Design Recycled Sculptures

Art GT Advanced Media Exploration   Art GT Critique and Creative Reflection   Art GT Origins of Subject Matter, Symbols, and Ideas

Art GT Portfolio Development  Art GT Problem Solving Strategies     Art GT Scholarships and Careers in Art   Art GT Structures and Functions

Art II Scholarships and Careers in Art 


Auto Tec I   Auto Tec II    Auto Tec III 

Intro to Machine Tool

CAD I   CAD 2  

Building Construction I  


Accounting I     Document Processing   Integrated Business Applications I  Integrated Business Applications II   Web Design & Development

Virtual  Enterprise     Health Services   Health Services II


Child Development I  Foods & Nutrition  International Foods   Consumer & Homemaking I  Consumer Homemaking II


Elementary P.E.    Middle School P.E.      High School P.E.