Proper UCSD Computer Usage Guidelines

Proper Internet and Email Usage

Use of system(s) resources, the district network, district email, as well as the Internet, shall be in support of education and research that is consistent with the mission of the district.

  1. Use the network in such a way that it does not disrupt its use by others.
  2. Maintain the integrity of files and data. Modifying or copying files/data of other users without their consent is not permitted.
  3. Be ethical and courteous. Defamatory, harassing or obscene mail or discriminatory remarks are not allowed on the network.
  4. Treat information create by others as the private property of the creator. Respect the privacy of others.
  5. Respect copyrights.
  6. Use the network to access only educationally relevant material.
  7. Do not destroy or abuse computer hardware or software.
  8. Do not use the network or system(s) resources for commercial purposes.
  9. Do not intentionally waste system resources.
  10. Hacking* the system is not permitted.
  11. Do not send chain letters or other non-confirmed information via email.
  12. Do not send personal staff or student information via email.
  13. Do not attempt to bypass the firewall in any way, not only is this against our policy but also illegal.
  14. Do not allow equipment within your area of responsibility to be abused by students or other staff.

*Hacking – May include but is not limited to attempting to breach any security in place such as accessing secured data or other people’s data, interrupting operation of the computer and/or network, stealing data or programs, pirating software, accessing other(s) accounts and/or disk space. This type of access may be reported to the appropriate individuals for legal action.

Please be reminded that all of the computer equipment that is located throughout the buildings is property of Union County Schools as well as the systems that run on top of them. To this end, any information stored within these systems is also property of Union County Schools. Always keep in mind that email is not personal information and can be retrieved by the Administration and can easily be hijacked once it leaves our network. Also the Technology department keeps a complete listing of all websites visited as well as the time. This information is not kept on your PC but on our system and can be retrieved at any time.

The district reserves the right to remove a user’s account or removal of the PC from the user’s area if it is determined that the user is engaged in unauthorized activity or is violating this code of conduct. The Administration and Technology Department reserve the right to remove, reallocate or replace any equipment when such need arises. We also reserve the right to monitor internet and email usage at any time, this includes Union County Email as well as email on other websites that have been sent using UCSD equipment.



Timothy Barnado

Director of Technology