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Animal Cell-MS PaintCells! Cells! Cells!

Brain Pop Video:   Here’s a good little cell video.  Try it!



Mitosis and Meiosis: Learn the difference between Mitosis and Meiosis through this great little cell division video.  http://biologyinmotion.com/cell_division/index.html


Cells Alive:   Cell cams, cell gallery, videos—Watch real bacteria cells divide and grow on the cell cam!  http://www.cellsalive.com/


Cells:  Plants, Animals, Bacteria,Amoeba          Play teacher and make worksheets with this site.



Rotatable Plant Cell:   3D model  This is just like Flight through a cell, but you get to actually use your mouse to rotate the cell in different directions.



Diffusion:  This site isn’t pretty, but you can see some good experiments to do that teach diffusion.



Mitosis vs. Meiosis flash  More cell division for you young scientists.



Art made from Polarized Light under a microscope:  Wouldn’t this be great printed out in color on photo paper and framed?  Wow!  What a picture!



The Cell Theory



 The Virtual Cell Web Page—look inside!



Student Cell Project Photos—Want ideas for cells to make?



Current Events about Cells and Genetics:  Here you can read up-to-date articles about what’s going on in genetics around the world.  Good site for young scientists who love to read research stuff!



The Nanoworld Database:   Wow!  Take a look at these great cells under a high-powered electron microscope!   They are great.  http://www.uq.edu.au/nanoworld/images_1.html


Life Science Connections:  Go on an expedition to take a look at different types of living things! http://vilenski.org/science/safari/menu/index.html


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