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Mission Statement:  The mission of Excelsior Middle School is to provide a nurturing environment, which promotes learning as a lifelong process and enables each child to be an educated, confident, self-directed, positive member of an ever-changing global society.

Welcome to Excelsior Middle School:  South Carolina "School of Promise", "ABC",  and "Red Carpet" Recipient.

Excelsior Middle School

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A Flagship School of Promise

Click the school entrance below for a virtual tour.

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Jr. Gardener Associate School

S.A.C.S. Accredited School

Arts in Basic Curriculum Site

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     You can find almost anything on our site here.

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Read Excelsior Middle School's Handbook Here!

This Week's Features . . .


BAND STUDENTS!  You can access work and ideas from your band teacher Mr. Johnson at this site!

www.unionbands.org website

Relay for Life Alert! 

We have a challenge to reach $8,000 this year.  We need everyone's help. Please contact Mrs. B. Inman if you would like to volunteer.

Our School Calendar is updated weekly! (click)


ALERTNOW Notification System



Visit with us as Officer Mauney, our School Resource Officer, talks to us about bullying. <more>

Excelsior Explorer and Times

Keep up with the news by reading our EMS Explorer and Times online. <click>

It is self-improvement time!  Check out the Counselor Page to learn ways to improve yourself. <click>

Reading at EMS

Students!  Don't forget:

  • to use your Lexile scores from your MAP testing to help choose books in the library.
  • BOOK IT--to earn free pizzas at Pizza Hut!
  • to read your book you got from RIF (Reading is Fundamental, a program sponsored by Dollar General), and to look forward to your next book from them!
  • to get at least 85% on all Accelerated Reader tests so you can be an Accelerated Reader Leader this nine weeks.

Calling all Jr. Scientists!

Reviewing for PACT or just wanting to learn more about 5th grade science?  Visit the Science Explorer Zone to learn more!


Ecosystem Trivia Cards

Print these using card stock.  Cut them out, then study!

SC Landforms PowerPoint Presentation

Inventions  Inventions  Inventions

  Take a look at these websites that will help you out!



Reading Is Fundamental Day at EMS <click>


High Performance Partnership 

Excelsior Middle School enjoys a special partnership with Milliken's Excelsior Plant.  Take a look at some of the partnership kickoff reception photos. <click>


Tell us how many books you are reading.

<click here>



Patriotic Websites

Surf these sites:

Dept. of Veteran Affairs

Patriotic Fact Sheet

Lessons of Liberty

Holiday Zone: Veterans Day

Veterans Day Quiz

Veterans Week 

Parent and Teacher Forms

EMS Online has a large set of forms that will save time for parents and teachers alike.  Please feel free to print out and use these forms whenever you need them.



Student Writing Map

Here is the student writing map your teachers have been talking about.  Print out five or six to use as you plan your essays.


Need Transition Words?

<great list>

Tell Your Friends About Our Website. 

We want all students, parents, grandparents, friends, community members, and teachers to visit regularly.




"There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in."  Graham Greene
Miss South Carolina Visits 5th Graders to Teach About Making Positive Daily Decisions. <more>

EMS Designated a South Carolina Arts in Basic Curriculum Site

It is official! Excelsior Middle School has been designated an Arts in Basic Curriculum site by the SC Arts Commission.  We will receive up to $7,500 a year (around $4,500 for next year dependent upon legislative funding).  This funding will help with visiting artists, professional development, and technology.  It will also help us towards our goal of becoming recognized as a Distinguished Arts Program – worth $20,000 a year.  Congratulations to our staff members, community members, etc. who worked so hard on this project.   

School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Program (PBIS)

Let's say our Positive Behavior Goal each morning together in homeroom after the Pledge to the Flag.

I will remember to:

  • Excel Academically
  • Manage Self
  • Share Respect


New Office Security Policies

Parents!  Please note that safety precautions have prompted several new procedures at EMS: 

1.  Please bring a photo ID. when you come to sign out your child.  If you send another person to sign out your child, they must be listed on your child's sign-out page in the office and must have a photo ID.

2.  For security purposes, we cannot take phone messages for students.  Please make arrangements before school, or come by the school to give your child the message.  If you cannot come, please send someone on your child's sign-out page to bring the message.  Please stop by the office on your way in.

We appreciate your cheerful response to our new safety procedures.

Let's Improve the Environment

EMS is studying about the environment.  We are starting a "Green Team" to keep our school in ship-shape condition.  Here are some good environmental websites to help. <click>

School Map

Find your way around EMS with our 2004-05 school maps.

Weekly PACT Words

Teachers, parents, and students can learn a PACT word a day.   Be sure to use your work several times each day so you will know it when you see it on the PACT test in the spring. <click>

Want to have a virtual tour of Union County's historic  landmarks?  Start here. <click>

Teacher Renewal

Teachers earning Renewal Points (for Recertification) will want to copy this notebook at the District Website. <click>


Union Native Author Carolyn Strom Collins Visits Excelsior--Click here to take a look at our web page we've devoted to her work.

The Lighthouse Cafe

Come take a look at our lunch menus in the Lighthouse Cafe.



Get Published!

Students! Publish your stories at EMS Online.


Ragged Old Flag

Listen to Johnny Cash read his poem, "Ragged Old Flag" and watch a PowerPoint presentation that illustrates the poem. <click>


Our Great Veterans

by Tyler L. <click>

Virtual Washington, DC Tour

Take a virtual tour online to see our nation's capital. <more>






EMS Kudos!

Dr. Susanne Gunter, Principal Mrs. Kathy Taylor, Assistant Principal

Computer Newsletter--Top Ten Excel Tips--Webmaster C. Bennett

Teaching Strategies <click>

       Student and Teacher Tips:

Get Organized!

1.  At the end of the period, put your books from this class in your book bag and take out your agenda, book, notebook, and pencil for the next class. Just remember A.B.J.P. (stands for Agenda, Book, Journal, Pencil).  Then when you walk into your next class, you can put these things on the corner of your desk.  Try it!  It works! Now we don't have to wait five minutes for students to rummage through book bags during the period.

2.  Are you left wondering when it is time to pack up at the end of the period?  Talk to your teacher about packing and getting out books for your next class on the "8", lining up desks, straightening the floor, and lining up at the door on the "9", and leaving on the "0"! This way, no one packs or puts their book bag on too early.  We all work and   learn until the last minute!

4.  Remember, you must have a special pass to go anywhere in the school -- school nurse, school counselor, restroom, library, office, etc.   This way you and your teacher can keep up with when and where you are and keep you safe. 



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Watch Your Thoughts

Attitude by Charles Swindoll

Daily Schedule

Would you like to be an Excelsior Middle School Volunteer?

We need help from the community in all kinds of ways.  Your children may be grown, but you may still want to be a part of our school community. Send an e-mail stating your name, address, and ways you would like to help.  We need tutors, classroom helpers, adults to read to children, etc.

EMS Email2.gif (168 bytes)


Student Information Forms

Teachers, here are the forms you need to get to know your students.

Student Information Sheet

Student Interest Survey

Need Library Sign-Up Forms?

Contact Mrs. Palmer in the library using these forms:

Video Copyright

Media Center Usage Form

Program Request Form

Video Permission Form

Carnegie Library Assignment Alert

  ITV Request Form


Excelsior Middle School / Milliken Excelsior Plant:  High Powered Partnership


Computer Newsletters

As we all worked to improve computer skills this year, our webmaster offered basic computing newsletters that helped us become familiar with our computer software.


Field Trip Guide For Teachers

This guide contains almost everything you need including forms.  Plan your fieldtrip today!




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