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AlertNow Login Webpage

AlertNow Help Webpage

AlertNow Quick Start

AlertNow Training Manual


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Help for Destiny


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Customize Sending of Email

Outlook Web Access Instructions

How to Create a Distribution List

How to Save an Attachment


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Free downloads


Lockdown Browser


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InfoCentre Conversion Guide

InfoCentre Getting Started Guide

InfoCentre User’s Guide

InfoCentre Handheld Guide


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Proper Internet and Email Usage (AUP)


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iPad Help and Support – everything you want to know about using your iPad

APPitic – a Collection of 1,300+ Apps for Education

Get Started with iPad

iPad User's Guide

iPad Video Guided Tours


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MS Office


Microsoft Office Mini‐Courses

Microsoft Office Help and How‐to


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MAP Test Prep Checklist

Understanding Teacher and Class Reports

2005 Placement Guide

10 Ways Goals

Growth Norm Calculator  ‐  Instructions

Guidelines for Choosing the Correct Test


MAP - RIT Examples

Math   Science   Reading   Language

Lexile Tour Guide

AR to Lexile Conversion

MAP Teacher Handbook

MAP Reference Guide

2003 PACT

2004 PACT

Teacher PowerPoint  ‐  PowerPoint Talking Points

Student PowerPoint

Great Resource for MAPS Information For


MAP Templates

Class Profile Sheet

Classroom Improvement Plan

Differentiated Instruction Ladder

Goal Setting with Students Form

Instructional Goal Plan

Sample Parent Letter

Student Goal Sheet

Student Score Log

Compass ‐ > NWEA Users Guide

Normative Data for Science


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Help for OnCourse


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Administration and Management

Communication: Class Rosters

Communication: HTML Codes

Communication: Master List of Codes

Communication: PS Report Codes

Communication: QuickRef

Communication: Reports

Data Dictionary (list of fields and tables in PowerSchool)

Database Management

During School Year Scheduling (Elementary Schools)

During School Year Scheduling (Secondary Schools)

End of Term

End of the Year Process

Enrollments and Transfers

Export to Excel QuickRef

Faculty User Guide

How to Assign Parent Portal IDs and Passwords

How to Calculate GPA and Class Rank

How to Confirm Your Teachers Are Ready to Store Grades

How to Create Student Labels

How to Find Errors in Historical Grades

How to Print Attendance Letters and Reports

How to Print Pre‐Completed Registration Forms

How to Promote, Retain, Demote, and Graduate Students

How to Use the Grades Distribution Report

How to Read the Gradebook vs Stored Grades Report

How to Run the Graduation Progress Report

How to Run Honor Roll

How to Search for Students with Perfect Attendance

How to Set Up Attendance Tracking and Notification

How to Setup the Meeting and Daily Attendance Bridge

How to Store Report Cards at the End of Each Quarter

How to Store Transcripts at the End of Each Semester

How to Use DDE

Advanced DDE

How to Use Incident Management

How to Check Incident Management for Invalid Data

IGP Curriculum Manager Manual

IGP Guidance Personnel Manual

QDC 2 - 90th Day Report Instructions

SCDE Incident Management - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) - Revised October 2012

SCDE PowerSchool Incident Management Manual - Revised October 2012

SCDE Incident Management Training - October 2012

How to View Parent Portal Activity

Incident Management Guide from the SC Dept. of Education

Incident Codes and Subcodes (from the SCDE)

SCDE Incident Management Required Reporting Data

SCDE Incident Management Training Manual

Managing Daily Attendance

Managing Grades and Academic Data

Managing Meeting Attendance

PowerSchool 7 Incident Management User's Guide

PowerSchool Basics

PowerSchool Basics User Guide

PowerSchool Overview & Basic Navigation for UCSD

PowerSchool Release Form and other Communication Templates from SCDE

PowerSchool Admin Account

PowerTeacher Administrator User's Guide

PS Tip: 5 Minute Videos

PS Tip: Alerts

PS Tip: Attendance on the Quick Lookup Screen

PS Tip: Set your Initial Student Screen

PS Tip: 5‐Minute Help for PowerSchool

PS Tip: Create Student Labels

PS Tip: Customizable Class Rosters Report

PS Tip: Dashboard

PS Tip: Enable Smart Search

PS Tip: End of the Year Help

PS Tip: Error Messages

PS Tip: Getting Into PowerSchool

PS Tip: How to Have Data Imported Into PowerSchool

PS Tip: List Students

PS Tip: Master Schedule

PS Tip: Match Selection

PS Tip: Mobile Web Pages User Guide for PowerSchool 7

PS Tip: More Searches

PS Tip: Print a PowerSchool Pane

PS Tip: Print Student Discipline Reports

PS Tip: Quick Print of Student Absences

PS Tip: Reports and Special Functions

PS Tip: Search for Students

PS Tip: Searching the View Field List

PS Tip: Section Readiness Report (PT Administrator)

PS Tip: Special Search Codes page 1

PS Tip: Special Search Codes page 2

PS Tip: Three Helpful PowerSchool Icons – Notifications, Report Queue, Print Page

PS Tip: Using Direct Database Export (DDE)

Reports User Guide

School/Staff/Student Management

System Administrator's User Guide

PowerSchool Security Group Descriptions


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PowerSource Website


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Getting Started with PowerTeacher

PowerTeacher Attendance Quick Guide

PowerTeacher User's Guide

UCSD PowerTeacher PowerPoint

What's New in PowerTeacher 2.3


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South Carolina Department of Education


District Technical Services

Data Collection Resources

eTranscript Initiative

PCS User Manual

PowerSchool Information

SC Pupil Accounting Manual

SC Uniform Grading Policy Guidelines Instructional Manual

SC Uniform Grading Policy

Student Accountability Manual

Student Unique Numbering System (SUNS)


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tolbe a

Funology – The Science of Having Fun

Interactive Whiteboard Resources

SMART Exchange – Lesson Plans for your SMART Board

SMARTBoard in the Classroom

SMARTBoard Templates

SMARTBoard Training Videos

UCSD Teacher SMARTBoard Resource Page


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Tech Tips


180 Technology Tips


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