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                                                              What is EMERGE?

The EMERGE program is a differentiated program for intellectually gifted students in grades three through eight in the core subject area of science.  EMERGE promotes the development of gifted students by addressing their specific needs.  In the elementary schools, these students come together daily for instruction.  The middle school and junior high students are served through a science course.  These programs provide differentiation in terms of abstraction, complexity, pacing, breadth, and depth.  

EMERGE addresses the following:

    *Critical, logical, and flexible thinking skills
    *Creative thinking skills:  fluency, flexibility, elaboration, and originality
    *Higher level thinking skills from the knowledge level through the evaluation level
    *Independent and self - directed skills
    *Life skills of feeling, thinking, communicating, choosing and acting
    *Research, media production, and technology skills

                               Mission Statement maximize the potential of these students by providing each learner unique challenges to inspire the attainment of highest academic standards that foster excellence in leadership and lifelong learners.

                                    Philosophy provide our gifted and talented students with a nurturing environment, a differentiated curriculum and a trained, enlightened staff.  By encouraging gifted students to become autonomous learners through a challenging program, future generations are promised socially and ethically responsible leaders, producers inventors, philosophers, and visionaries who can make contributions to our world as well as our community.  

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