Act 142 Income Tables for HotSpot

Please use the above table to reference if you qualify for the Act 142 HotSpots that are distributed by the State Department.  You have to have an income at or below the values listed above and you do not have internet service already at the home.  Service for these HotSpots will expire at the end of the school year and may not be extended by the State Department.  If you missed the first 5 HotSpot Distributions please call 864-427-2328 and leave a message and we will schedule an appointment on Tuesday or Thursday to come and pick one up.  You have to have a student in Union County Schools, you must be a Guardian or Parent, you cannot have permanent high-speed internet in the home and you must fall below the income levels listed above.  Also, ALL sources of household income have to be included, which would include any retirement, government assistance, disability etc.